Olive Poem

a drop of art

Olive Poem

the story behind...

Chapter 1: The poetry of traditional agriculture

In the region of Lakonia in Peloponnese, Greece, olive cultivation has been a significant activity since ancient times.

This is no coincidence, since the area has excellent soil and climatic conditions for olive trees.

Over the centuries, some exquisite, unique olive varieties have evolved and adapted to these specific conditions.

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This is the background we chose to respect and emphasize when we started creating our Olive Poem.

We resisted the trend of replacing ancient trees and cultivars with new ones, a practice that now dominates modern agriculture and leads to higher productivity.

We insisted on the quality and uniqueness of the olive oil provided by the local trees.

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We preserved the olive trees present in our olive grove for centuries and started planting new ones. But we did not bring in any trees from other areas or nurseries.

Every single one was germinated naturally in our grove. We replanted them in appropriate positions and grafted these wild trees with tissue from local Koroneiki and Myrtoelia varieties (trees already present in the grove).

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This practice yielded trees born and raised in this specific soil, and well adapted to it.

We don’t use any chemicals. We just give our trees some goat manure as a natural fertilizer, plus compost made from wood we cut from the trees when we prune them.

We don’t even water our trees, since they are well adapted to the dry climate of the area.

Olive Poem

the story behind...

Chapter 2: The poetry of olive oil production

Undoubtedly, in terms of potential for olive oil production, our olive trees have exceptional DNA, our area has a superb microclimate, and our soil has exquisite characteristics.

However, while this terroir is one of the best in the world for olive trees, it is still not adequate to produce one of the world’s best olive oils on its own.

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To accomplish this, we turned to science and technology.

Well educated at seminars and through independent study of scientific literature, we have integrated the latest innovations into our methods.

We are following the best admitted practices during harvest and olive oil production.

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This is still not adequate, so we equipped our business with state of the art technology.

We now run our own small-scale olive oil production unit in order to have full control of the best, most up-to-date process.

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We produce our olive oil under vacuum at a maximum temperature of 25°C, malaxing (mixing) the olive paste for a very short time.

All of these processes ensure the best preservation of the valuable substances found in the olives, as well as the elevation of the terroir’s potential to yield a product of superior quality.

Olive Poem

the story behind...

Chapter 3: The poetry post-production

Even all these prerequisites cannot fully ensure that the best final product will reach consumers.

To achieve this, we take some post-production precautions immediately after we produce our first drop of art.

The first step is a rough filtration of the olive oil to remove the solid residues, so their enzymes do not cause unwanted reactions.
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Then the oil is conducted to stainless steel tanks which are filled with the inert gas nitrogen in order to avoid the degradation of valuable substances that occurs in the presence of oxygen.

The olive oil is stored under these conditions at a carefully controlled temperature until bottling. At that stage, the bottles are filled and sealed under vacuum using non-refillable caps.

Before bottling, the bottles are thoroughly cleaned with a decontaminated air jet. Immediately after that, they are filled and sealed under vacuum using non-refillable caps.
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All these processes, along with the large amount of polyphenols (antioxidants) found in our extra virgin olive oil, contribute to the longest possible shelf life for our valuable product.

we tried to transmit the poetry behind our olive oil to a bottle design of minimalistic aesthetics.

Olive Poem

Reception and criticism

A poem inevitably faces evaluation by exacting critics.
Already, from its first steps into the outer world, our Olive Poem has been enthusiastically received by expert olive oil tasters, earning gold medals at major international olive oil competitions.

However, since our Olive Poem is addressed to your senses, we would like to learn how you perceive it.
We always welcome your comments and descriptions of the sensations it arouses in you, the critic that matters most to us.


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